We’re committed to producing products that are 100% defect-free. This is why quality assurance is a critical element of our daily work – starting from the selection of suppliers we work with and the raw materials that are to be processed, continuing along all process stages until the final part is produced.

We see this not only as essential, but also as a huge opportunity to set ourselves apart from the competition and ensure customer satisfaction always remains at a high level. We know what our partners expect and are fully aware of just how crucial delivering on-time, in the specified quantity and in full compliance with your technical specifications is. This is why we put our production processes through rigorous quality checks involving initial sample reports, IMDS entries, EN 10204 works test certificates, through to 100% optoelectronic checks using the latest 3D methods.

The stringent standards of the automotive, aeronautical and space industry are our benchmark – standards which we have met for decades. Our seals of approval also attest to this – after all, we’re ISO 9001:2015 certified. Click here to download the documentation.